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About Us

Founded in 1980, formally Custom Cable Pet, Proguard Pets has been a cornerstone of muzzle design and manufacturing. First with their Softie Series muzzles, the first non-restrictive muzzle on the market. After the success of the Softie an improved and much stronger Tuffie muzzle was created, designed from the beginning to withstand the abuse of grooming shops and animal handlers. The Tuffie can stop even the most aggressive of dogs from biting.
With over 20 years in grooming Proguard is the leader in grooming and dog muzzle products. We hold several patents in the US on muzzle and grooming accessories. Proguard Pets designers of a wide array of dog grooming products, everything from tie-outs to aprons. Proguard is a register trademark of the Custom Cable Company
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